Introducing Kingsway Services

by Christine Robinson, Executive Director At Kingsway Learning Center, we have spent over 50 years serving our students, their families and the community, and we are so excited about what the next 50 have in store for us. We have served students for over ...

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Welcome to to the 2017-2018 School Year!

by Christine Robinson, Chief Executive Officer I would like to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year!  Our theme for the new year is: Stand Tall * Reach Out * Grow Strong * Together. Our new logo exemplifies this theme, while also maintaining the hist...

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Student Recognized for Making a Difference

National Association of Secondary School Principal’s Citizenship Award:  Robert The Citizenship Award is presented to a student who participates in school and community service demonstrates a positive attitude toward classmates, school and community; d...

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Graduate’s Academic Achievements Awarded

President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement:  Sha-Ron The President’s Award is a prestigious accolade given to an individual who has shown improvement in their performance at work, school and in their interactions with both peers and staff...

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All the Hard Work Paid Off for CBI Student

Community Based Instruction Employee of the Year:  Timothy Upon entering the CBI Program, most students are eager to get out of the school building and “get to work,” and Timothy was no exception. During his time in the program, he required and benef...

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